Iskcon Restaurant Delhi

Iskcon Restaurant Delhi

   Iskcon Restaurant  Delhi

Govinda’s at ISKCON Temple, East of Kailash

This is one of the most popular Govinda’s Restaurants in Delhi, located at the ISKCON Temple in East of Kailash. It serves a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, including Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisine.

                                                                                         Iskcon Restaurant Delhi

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                                         Govinda’s Restaurant at the ISKCON Temple in East of Kailash, Delhi, is famous for several reasons:

                     1. Pure Vegetarian Cuisine: Govinda’s restaurants, including the one at ISKCON Temple, are renowned for serving pure vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The food is prepared without the use of onion and garlic, which aligns with the dietary restrictions followed by many devotees of the Hare Krishna tradition of Iskcon Restaurant Delhi. They serve only pure veg. food.

                     2. Variety of Dishes: The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, ranging from traditional Indian vegetarian fare to international options such as Chinese and Continental cuisine. This diverse menu caters to a broad range of tastes and preferences.

                     3. High-Quality Food: Govinda’s restaurants take pride in preparing high-quality and hygienic food. The ingredients are carefully selected and prepared with attention to cleanliness and taste.

                     4. Religious Atmosphere: Dining at Govinda’s is not just about the food; it’s also about the experience. The restaurant is often located within or near an ISKCON temple, providing a peaceful and spiritual  ambiance  for diners.

                     5. Cultural and Spiritual Experience: Visitors to Govinda’s often enjoy the opportunity to experience a slice of the Hare Krishna culture. You may hear devotional music, see beautiful temple architecture, and  sometimes even witness traditional dance performances or participate in spiritual events.

                     6. Affordability: Govinda’s restaurants typically offer meals at affordable prices, making them accessible to a wide range of people.

                     7. Charitable Initiatives: Some Govinda’s restaurants are involved in charitable activities, and a portion of the proceeds from the restaurant may go towards supporting the temple and its charitable projects.

                          Overall, Govinda’s at ISKCON Temple, East of Kailash, is famous for offering a unique dining experience that combines delicious vegetarian cuisine with a spiritual and cultural atmosphere, making it a popular                                  destination for both devotees and tourists in Delhi. Iskcon Restaurant Delhi.

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                Govinda's at ISKCON Temple, East of Kailash

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Govinda’s Iskcon Restaurant Delhi

             ◊ About Us :

                       Govinda’s, a world-famous chain of restaurants, is reputed for its authentic Pure Vegetarian Cuisine with a unique ambience. It is located in the magnificent ISKCON Temple Complex, East of  Kailash,                             in  the heart of South Delhi. Spiritually surcharged environment, Satvik food, and a dedicated army of servers is what sets us apart. Iskcon Restaurant Delhi. Govinda Iskcon Restaurant is a pure                                         vegetarian restaurant in Delhi 

           ◊ Food Timing :

                       12:30pm To 03:30pm

                       07:00pm To 10:00pm 

          ◊ Snacks Timing :

                      04:00pm To 6:30pm


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